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Kaunas technical vocational education centre opens excellent opportunities to study perspective and marketable specialities for graduates of:

  • 8th grade, providing secondary education and granting vocational qualification;
  • 10th grade, providing secondary education and vocational qualification;
  • secondary school, providing vocational qualification.

Basic school graduates studying vocational and general education disciplines gain secondary education and vocational qualification. Later they can choose studies at universities and colleges or other vocational training programmes gaining vocational qualification in 1 year (length of programme in years 2+1).

Secondary school graduates gain qualified worker‘s profession.

1st Part Basic education programme graduates (8th grade) will be able to gain secondary education, choose vocational training programme and acquire qualification (length of programme in years 4+1).

Study programmes

Mechanics department:

  • Car body repairer
  • Car electro mechanic
  • Electrical equipment repair master/repairer
  • Aircraft mechanic
  • Metalworking machine operator
  • Renewable energy equipment installer
  • Welder

Transport department:

  • Electricity equipment car mechanics
  • Car mechanic
  • Welder

Department of Business and Services:

  • Forwarding agent of logistics
  • Computer equipment installation master/Computer equipment adjuster
  • Public utilities sector employee

Wood Processing department:

  • Furniture maker
  • Joiner

Construction department:

  • Road building and maintenance specialist
  • Plumber
  • Decorator (builder)/Construction finisher